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Due to being versatile, comfy, and sporty, hoodies and sweatshirts have become one of the essential parts of a woman’s wardrobe.  In this blog, we will try to explain what different styles of sweatshirts there are and how you can style them with other clothes to look stunning regardless of the occasion.

The first type we are going to discuss is a sweatshirt dress. Have you ever heard of this amazing combination? Sweatshirt dresses are stylish while being very comfortable (which is particularly valuable if you are always on the move but want to look gorgeous in any situation). You can wear them in any season, coupling them with leggings for cold weather and wearing them without anything in summer. If you wear them with sneakers, they will look like perfect athleisure clothes, but if you dress them up with wedges, you can wear them for a night out, too. The best thing about such dresses is that they break the common stereotype that oversized clothes cannot look sexy.

Another and the most popular type is just a regular sweatshirt. This sportswear is timeless classics. They go perfectly with leather pants,  leggings, and capris. You have a great variety of options for shoes too: a sweatshirt can be matched with wedges, sneakers, or even heels – everything depends on your style and fantasy.

Finally, an oversized hoodie for women is one of the best of new trends. Now, every fashion brand offers an enormous number of different options. By using a dropped-shoulder construction (with the seam lining with the edge of the shoulder), hoodies create a relaxed by very appealing and seductive look.  You can wear them with jeans or leggings and any footwear you want. Give way to your creativity. Make your own rules!

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